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 Our Mission

TwoBows+ is founded in 2017 by violinist I-Jung Huang and cellist Zlatomir Fung in the New York City. Our mission is to promote the intimacy of the house concert setting through a three-city (New York, Boston, Philadelphia) house concert tour. We hope to articulate and transmit the sense of community that only a house concert can cultivate, and inspire our audiences to consider hosting or attending future house concerts in their area. We believe this project is important because it breaks the formal barriers that separate listeners from performers in classical music, and reveals classical music performance as a emotionally and socially intimate act.

How will it be done?

One of our central ideas is to make each concert a surprise program; each piece will be announced orally, and then programs left for patrons at the conclusion of the performance for those who are interested in the written record. The idea behind this is to strip the listeners of their preconceptions about the music before it has even been played. Each concert in this tour/series will start with a short, collaborative speech by the musicians entitled “Why classical music matters”. We will speak generally about the history of chamber music, and the broad expressive power of music to create community.

TwoBows+ project is a grant recipient of a 2017-18 Juilliard Project Grant.